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The Progressive Farmer

progressive-farmerThe Progressive Farmer

The Progressive Farmer Magazine is the premier magazine for the Farmer, Business Owner and the Land and Home Owners of Rural America. These business owners and managers of farms and ranches are responsible for over $7 billion in crops and livestock.

Email your offer & creative to The Progressive Farmer Magazine Subscribers, or have your offer set & presented in The Progressive Farmer template.
Subscribers include; business owners, catalog shoppers, online buyers, pet owners, family men, donors, outdoorsmen & homeowners.




Leading the way in business process improvements

Vanguard Resource Group is a National Management firm offering training and consulting services in the areas of Human Resource best practices.

Among areas of expertise are:

  • HR Staffing
  • HR Planning
  • HR Analytics
  • Training & Development
  • Improving Hiring Success

Systematic methods for creating world-class HR services workshops include, training systems & delivery, lean management and lean delivery of HR services.

These key decision makers are excellent prospects for a variety of offers including:

  • Training & Development
  • HR Benefits
  • Seminars
  • Insurance
  • Financial
  • Business Software
  • Office Supplies
  • Business & Consumer Publications





Vente provides marketers a wealth of self-reported information in dozens of market verticals on over 40 million customers.

Individuals have filled out a variety of surveys that cover personal preferences, shopping habits, health concerns & ailments, financial & insurance needs and more.

These responsive consumers are asking for information that’s important to them.




Altus Insights has created an extensive database containing vertical market categories of consumers that are direct responsive and action oriented.

Vertical Market Categories:

  • Job Seekers
  • Sweepstakes Entrants
  • Coupon Clippers
  • Auto Financing & Warranty
  • Online Gift Cards
  • Payday Loan & Cash Advance
  • Credit Repair
  • Continuing Education
  • Auto, Health, Home & Life Insurance




This list includes active shoppers online & offline who are always looking for new products for themselves & their families.

We also grouped sweepstakes entrants from three different sites.

There are also consumers that review manufactures products & share information about themselves & their households to be eligible for incentives & prizes. Enrollees make a single purchase &/or register through continuity clubs to review products each month for tiered incentive redemption.

Travel Guides Free


Travel Guides Free

Travel Guides Free is the largest distributor of travel brochures with more than 95 U.S. & Canadian destinations.

Travel Guides Free consumers have researched local travel ideas online and have requested a hardcopy travel guide be sent to their homes to help them decide a vacation destination.

These are very seasoned travelers who take several trips a year.

This list has been enhanced with demographic, lifestyle & interests, preference & behavioral information.

TravelGuidesFree.com is great for offers including:

  • Travel
  • Cars, Motorcycles & Boats
  • Hunting, Fishing & Outdoors
  • RV
  • Health & Beauty
  • Magazines & Books
  • Apparel
  • Collectors
  • Credit Cards
  • Insurance
  • Pets

Parenthood Publications


Parenthood Publications


Parenthood Publications delivers a wealth of information to families via its calendar of events in their area, articles and editorials on children’s health and development, family finance, entertainment & education.

Parenthood Publications provides a 360 solution for reaching parents in Print, E-mail & Insert Media


  • 89% Female, 11% Male
  • 75% Ages 25-45
  • 86% College or Post-Grad Education
  • 42% have HHI of $75k+
  • 21% have HHI of $100k+
  • 43% employed full time
  • 15% employed part time
  • 10% work from home


New Business Stages

new business stagesNew Business Stages

The life cycle of new business

New Business Stages provide B2B marketers the capability to reach growing businesses when and where they’re ready to buy via a portfolio of list products matched to each development phase reached during the first 48 months of their life.

The changing needs of a new venture coincide with a series of trigger events throughout the all important early years of development. Although timeframes will vary by industry, size and success of each “newco”, many products and services critical to developing a solid business foundation find a highly responsive audience when served up at the optimum time.

What makes New Business Stages unique in the marketplace? While most new business lists are single sources and lacking in critical targeting data, New Business Stages is the most comprehensive source of 48

New Business Stages – Intent to Start

future-investorNew Business Stages – Intent to Start

The Intent to Start Segment represents a universe that includes both companies that have a recent business filing but have not yet opened their doors (Pre Opens) and individuals that have expressed interest in starting a new venture or purchasing a franchise (New Business or Franchise Interest) but have not yet filed.

Pre Opens are identified via a combination of self reported information, UCC data, transactional feeds and proprietary logic applied to recent business filings in proprietary algorithms that serve to identify individuals most likely to be in the preparatory stages of starting a business. Data Sources are a subset of the weekly and monthly new business data from between 12 and 15 sources including government filings, new telco connects, business registrations, UCC data & online transactions that

TBC – The Business Connection

tbcThe Business Connection


The Business Connection provides B2B marketers an array of data marketing solutions that includes:

  • Unique business universes
  • Highly targeted prospecting lists
  • Database marketing services
  • Analytical and enhancement tools and services

All designed to complement the complex marketing mix necessary for successful client acquisition efforts and customer retention initiatives.

TBC list and data products are developed from multi-sourced, multi-channel file sources and data feeds that are updated as frequently as weekly. Proprietary algorithms enable the creation of datasets that represent the life cycle of new businesses and businesses on the move; while the critical mass of fresh data necessary to develop these revolutionary products yields large universes that are packaged as more traditional business lists.

New Business Stages
The Life Cycle of New Business

New Business Stages represent six distinct stages of the life cycle of over 10 million new businesses reached