icon_crystalballAcquisition Models

Predictive models help marketers identify their best prospects by using statistical techniques to calculate the probability that a prospect will exhibit a desired behavior. Models vary by type, technique, and/or by the variables or algorithms used to develop them.

KMA provides several types of models, depending on the goals of the marketer and their offer. Available analysis and models include:

  • Response Models
  • Paid Response Models
  • Payment or Credit Risk Models
  • Churn/Attrition Models
  • High Value Customer (LTV) Models
  • Customer Clustering
  • Channel Preference
  • Times Mailed Analysis

KMA achieves this through several techniques including:

  • Customer Profile
  • Comparative Profile Analysis
  • Profile Model
  • Good Customer Match Model
  • Previously Mailed Match Model
  • Response Model
  • Payment Model
  • Gross vs. Net Model
  • Mailed Response Model
  • Optimization Model

These models are built using our proprietary consumer data resources: CMC (Consumer Marketing Connection); and CHANNELS, our virtual data-shed platform of multi-category, multichannel streams of data live-linked data feeds.

Our process to move forward with any type of model is simple.  KMA’s analytic staff will work with you on selecting the model that will uncover the most responsive universe for your particular offer and marketing objective. When the model/analysis is complete we provide a report detailing the modeling process, key explanatory variables, gains charts, available name counts, and our recommendations for testing and additional analyses.

Basic information needed for modeling purposes:
(varies by type of model)

• Client’s best Customers
• Buyers/Responders
• Mailed Prospect File
• Buyers/Responders and Non-Responders from a Campaign

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