db-edits-blueList Optimization

Do you have lists in your mail plan that are exhibiting fall off in response rates, have shown marginal results or fatigue?

Are there responsive lists that fail to hold up on the back end for either payment or life time value?

Are there lists in your mail plan that would benefit from additional segmentation but the list does not have that option or capability?

Would your campaign benefit from a second opportunity to refine list selection and segmentation after the merge?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, KMA’s mailing list optimization program provides a cost effective solution to get the most out of your mail plan.

KMA develops and maintains proprietary list optimization models designed to meet the specific objectives of a marketing campaign.  Optimization can be applied pre merge on lists that require additional segmentation or post merge to all lists to enable selection of prospects with the highest propensity for response, conversion, payment or life time value.

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