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Insert Media Management can provide a significant revenue stream which goes directly to your bottom line.  If you mail or ship merchandise or information to buyers or subscribers, KMA Insert Management can help you generate income for those outgoing packages, statements or magazines.

Programs currently on the market from major direct response clients include:

  • Package Insert Programs
  • Catalog Blow-In Programs
  • Onsert Programs with poly-bagged magazines
  • Statement Insert Programs
  • Retail/Online Sampling Programs
  • Card Decks
  • Co-op Mailings
  • Point-Of-Sale Receipts
  • Branded Emails

The KMA Insert team will handle all aspects for you, from program advertising and monthly scheduling to the coordination and shipment of inserts, and invoicing.  We provide a turnkey solution for our clients, allowing you to concentrate on your own day-to-day business while KMA helps to create incremental revenue to help reduce your overhead, and add to your company’s overall profitability.

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