b2b-transitionsB2B Transitions

Companies going through any type of transitional phase such as a physical move, whether down the street or across the country, rapid growth or decline in staff and/or revenues or recent expansion into satellite offices and branch locations comprise a highly responsive niche in the business community. Business executives that have moved up in an organization or changed employers are prime prospects for products and services that will facilitate their ongoing success in their new position.

TBC list and data products are developed from multi-sourced, multi-channel file sources and data feeds that are updated as frequently as weekly. Proprietary algorithms enable the creation of datasets that represent the life cycle of new businesses and businesses on the move while the critical mass of fresh data necessary to develop these revolutionary products yields large universes that are packaged as more traditional business lists.

Businesses on the Move

2.5 million Businesses and Executives on the Move

These businesses have just made a physical move; from a home based business to commercial space or from their current location to across town or across country. B2B Transitions allows you to reach businesses just as they settle into their new digs and get your products and services in front of them while they’re looking for new vendors before they transition back to “business as usual.”


New Satellite/Branch • Square Footage Increase • Fleet Size Increase • Staff Increase • Revenue


C-Level Promotion Tracking • C-Level New Additions • New Job Function


Staff • Square Footage • Revenue


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