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Caskers is THE online destination for spirits combining enthusiasts with their favorite brands, helping them discover new craft spirits and take pride in their choices. Caskers curates daily emails with only the very best selections offered to engage members and help them select their brand of choice, which is then delivered straight to their door!

500,000 Members/Buyers

Caskers helps members discover craft spirits that aren’t available at local liquor stores. Their experts work to bring members only the finest artisanal spirits, sourced from fresh, local produce, celebrating the passion and dedication of master distillers who make them by hand.

With an average income of $154,000, Caskers reaches over 2MM unique visitors, and with members between the ages of 26 to 54+, buyers from Caskers spend more than five times annually than the national average.

Now you can send your dedicated email to these upscale, responsive online buyers/members who seek out offers which reflect the Caskers buyer’s lifestyle, in the areas of home entertainment, apparel, subscriptions, financial/investment information and much more.

Banner ads on Caskers emails also available!


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