A virtual marketing datashed system that is fed from multi-category streams of data linked to a continually refreshed pool of consumer marketing data.

Data is live linked via a proprietary dynamic algorithm, not appended periodically like traditional flat files or databases

  • New sources integrated on the fly
  • Multiple core demographic sources – not limited to specific sources
  • Continuous updating methodology
  • Real time channel score and rank for vertical markers, mailers and specific offers
  • Rolling weekly, 30 day and 90 day hotlines

Channels is not a Database, it is a Marketing Platform

What’s in it?

  • Monthly MOB transactions
  • Daily and weekly feeds of internet transactions
  • Constant infusion of Trigger & Life Event data
  • DRTV generated transactions
  • Telemarketing respondents
  • Monthly multi-source catalog and subscriber files
  • Public records updates
  • Online and offline survey data
  • 3 leading consumer complied sources of base name and address and care demographics
  • 900 million records linked with one to several thousand attributes per record

What does it do?

It allows targeted prospect marketing with….

  • Postal, email and telemarketing campaigns
  • 0-30 day transactions
  • 90 day MOB’s
  • Enhanced hotlines
  • Enhanced trigger and life event hotlines
  • Multi channel / multi category
  • Vertical channels

Additional Prospect & Customer Applications

  • Modeled prospect segments
  • Mail file optimization
  • House file enhancement
  • Enhanced list rental
  • Online & telemarketing lead scoring
  • Private prospecting database
  • Customer profile and analysis
  • Lapsed customer reactivation


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