4.1mm – Farm Owner/Operators, Agricultural Companies and Rural Households F.A.R.M. is one of the largest, most comprehensive agricultural file on the market, filled with generations of farm and ranch owner/operators, owners and decision-makers in companies that support the agricultural industry and families.

F.A.R.M is a multi-sourced data resource that includes the USDA FSA database, buyers of agricultural products, subscribers to rural and agricultural publications, online and offline transactions, registrants and survey respondents. Agricultural selects include total acreage size, type of crops grown by acreage size, livestock produced and government subsidy amounts. Agricultural businesses and corporate farms are enhanced with business firmographics such as sales volumes, number of employees, multiple contacts with email, etc.

These owner/operators of farms and ranches not only run a farm, they run a business and are great prospects for all business related products and services, farm and safety equipment, pesticides, transportation services, insurance, PC supplies as well as general consumer merchandise for their families.

800K – Emails
Reach Agriculture Professionals and Farmers by email, mail or phone channels.
Build a multi-channel campaign by utilizing our turn key email solutions.


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