Statement Insert Program

HSN distributes a minimum of 650k paper statements each month with an additional 200k deployed digitally!

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Why HSN Credit Card Insert?

  • Credit Card Customers are some of HSN’s most loyal advocates & shoppers & make up over 50% of the best customer file
  • Over 1/3 of all sales are made with the HSN credit card
  • High Open Rate: Statements are only sent to customers with an active balance.
  • Credit Card Customers are accustomed to receiving special offers from HSN & actually look at them!
  • Acquiring the HSN Credit Card signifies an increase in engagement share of wallet/annual spend, purchase frequency & ultimate relationship growth with HSN.
  • Credit Card Customers spend significantly more than non-Credit Card Customers annually.

The HSN Customer:

Female Ages 30-65 70%

Empty Nesters

$72K+ Median HHI

80% Married

83% Homeowners

Majority own 2+ cars

Majority Working Professionals

Love trying new products & services

Influential & engaged customer acting as the “Household CEO” making purchasing decisions for the family

HSN Statement Insert Program Sell Sheet