KidBiz the innovative new prospecting platform for marketers of children’s products and services

KidBiz is a comprehensive repository of family data from cradle to caps and gowns that resides in a multichannel marketing platform that allows targeting to:

  • A custom tailored audience qualified for your offer
  • Prospects at the time when they will be most responsive
  • The channel(s) utilized most frequently by each family

KidBiz allows for multi-channel and multi-touch marketing to families from pre-natal through college and everything in between. KidBiz brings together purchase behavior and transactions, communication preference, inquiry and search information, as well as all demographic and lifestyle information needed to target the right audience.

KidBiz is also a cooperative where marketers of children’s products and services can join and benefit from customer profiling, optimization, customer email append and communication, customer retention and reactivation applications.


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