new business stagesNew Business Stages

The life cycle of new business

New Business Stages provide B2B marketers the capability to reach growing businesses when and where they’re ready to buy via a portfolio of list products matched to each development phase reached during the first 48 months of their life.

The changing needs of a new venture coincide with a series of trigger events throughout the all important early years of development. Although timeframes will vary by industry, size and success of each “newco”, many products and services critical to developing a solid business foundation find a highly responsive audience when served up at the optimum time.

What makes New Business Stages unique in the marketplace? While most new business lists are single sources and lacking in critical targeting data, New Business Stages is the most comprehensive source of 48 month new businesses with the highest coverage of business firmographics including company, start date, decision maker/owner, SIC, company size and telephone numbers.

Weekly and monthly new business data from between 12 and 15 sources including government filings, new telco connects, business registrations, UCC data, online transactions and others are put through a series of processes that standardize data, normalize common elements and identify duplicates across sources. The resulting file is run through two proprietary algorithms that increase SIC/industry coverage and then is matched against a variety of “trigger data” that is key to identifying specific stages, verifies company activity and updates recency flags.


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