tbcThe Business Connection


The Business Connection provides B2B marketers an array of data marketing solutions that includes:

  • Unique business universes
  • Highly targeted prospecting lists
  • Database marketing services
  • Analytical and enhancement tools and services

All designed to complement the complex marketing mix necessary for successful client acquisition efforts and customer retention initiatives.

TBC list and data products are developed from multi-sourced, multi-channel file sources and data feeds that are updated as frequently as weekly. Proprietary algorithms enable the creation of datasets that represent the life cycle of new businesses and businesses on the move; while the critical mass of fresh data necessary to develop these revolutionary products yields large universes that are packaged as more traditional business lists.

New Business Stages
The Life Cycle of New Business

New Business Stages represent six distinct stages of the life cycle of over 10 million new businesses reached at varying points during the critical developmental years. The unique targeting capability created by the inclusion of various triggers, events and transactional data enables marketers to reach growing businesses at the opportune time to present their specific product or service.

While most new business lists are single sourced and lacking in critical targeting data, New Business Stages is also the most comprehensive source of new businesses available with the highest coverage of business firmographics including company, start date, decision maker/owner, SIC, company size and telephone numbers.

Business Basics
Over 60 million Business Contacts at 18 million Companies

The most popular B2B markets are represented through a segmentation process that utilizes Industry, Company Size, Sales Volume, Job Title and Function of key decision makers and various trend and response estimators. Leading compiled sources are incorporated into segments based on an evaluation of inherent strengths and weaknesses relevant to the particular segment.

B2B Transitions
2.5 million Businesses and Executives on the Move

Companies going through any type of transitional phase such as a physical move to new office space – whether down the street or across the country, rapid growth or decline in staff and/or revenues or recent expansion into satellite offices and branch locations comprise a highly responsive niche in the business community. Business executives that have moved up in an organization or changed employers are prime prospects for products and services that will facilitate their ongoing success in their new position.

Licensed Professionals
Over 17 million Verified Licensees

17 million professionals, tradesmen and specialists in over 100 license categories from government sources, associations and memberships.


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