add-user-blueCo-Registration & Lead Generation

Simply build your list or generate prospective customers!

KMA builds comprehensive list building and lead generation campaigns for our advertisers. The first step is learning who your customers are. We compare your customer list against our SMART Data Engine giving you in-depth insight into your customer base.

We then take co-registration and lead generation campaigns to the next level by creating custom prospect audiences from our 500 Million Plus SMART Email Database and identify which channels and distribution partners will provide qualified, quality leads.

SMART Custom prospect audience targeting co-registration plugin:

We take your custom audience and integrate it within our co-registration partner network.  When emails that are on your qualified custom audience register on websites, our partner shows your offer.

SMART custom audience for lead generation:

We build a cost-per-lead (CPL) plan that reaches your target audience through programmatic display advertising, match and deploy email marketing including newsletter sponsorships, affiliate marketing and social marketing.

This plan will consider the advertiser’s success criteria, as well as our publisher’s success criteria in order to build a scalable, win/win campaign.

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