Programmatic Display Campaigns

Buying Display Media has been rapidly evolving over the past few years.  It has gone from large ad networks and site specific ad buys to now programmatic media buying where marketers can buy display advertising across multiple networks and sites using ad exchanges, all in real-time.

The targeting of consumers has also evolved from site and behavioral targeting, now to “look-a-like” targeting.  Many networks are offering “look-a-like” audience creation where they identify the online behavior of your customers and target those users with similar behaviors.

The current challenge for many advertisers is getting their offering to work with these predefined audiences based solely on basic demographics and behaviors created by these ad networks.

We take audience targeting to the next level by applying our years of direct marketing experience, response modeling and analytics to create your custom audience.

We profile your best customers to get a deep understanding of who they are, what they like and what they buy.  We then incorporate offline compiled data, public records and license data, response, purchase and trigger data along with those same online behaviors (site visits, clicks and purchase data) to create an advertiser specific custom audience that is a replica of your best customers in both intent and purchase behavior.

Next, we match that custom audience against a cookie pool allowing our media team to reach those specific consumers when we manage your display campaign.

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