SMART Marketing Planmulti-channel-png-blue

We match your custom audience to our digital marketing channels to create a marketing plan based on goals, budgets & audience strengths.

Our plan will take into account your marketing goals and budgets and then determine which digital channels (and partners within those channels) will produce the best results hitting your target acquisition

Based on your marketing objectives and budget, we can reach your custom audience in direct mail, email, display, co-registration networks & Facebook!ž

List Building

  • —Co-Registration using custom audience targeting
  • Social Marketing to custom audience

žLead Generation

  • —Co-Registration using custom audience targeting
  • —Match & Deploy Email Marketing
  • —Display Advertising (Acquisition/Re-Targeting)
  • —Social Marketing to custom audience

žCustomer Acquisition

  • —Match & Deploy Email Marketing
  • —Display (CPM)
  • —Email List Rental (CPM)
  • —Affiliate Marketing (CPA)
  • —Direct Mail
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