facebookSocial Onboarding

Reaching your customers and prospective customers through social marketing is now possible through various social media platforms.  Many of these social networks offer tools to help you create “look-a-like” audiences.  However, prospect marketing, even using Facebook custom audience technology cannot offer the advanced targeting SMART will and the media spend can add up.

KMA will utilize our 500 Million Plus SMART Database to identify your existing or prospective customers.  We go beyond simple demographic and online behavior targeting by building a model from your best customers.  We bring in additional data elements including self-reported data, interest data and past purchase data which helps us create a highly qualified, custom audience.

Once we have your custom audience we will upload it to your Facebook ad account.  From there, your media buying team can take over, or we can set up your campaign and manage your media buy through your Facebook business page.

Reach the right prospects in Facebook today!

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