SMART Custom Audience Creation

Reach a custom audience modeled specifically for your offer through SMART Custom Audience Creation.

We approach online marketing just like we have done in direct mail for the past 30 years. We do this by first matching your data with SMART, 500 Plus Million proprietary consumer database.

We then build a model analyzing the data to quickly pinpoint opportunities for customer acquisition, retention, and growth. We also identify individuals who are unlikely to respond to offers to ensure your campaigns are lean and cost effective.

Based on our SMART Advanced Model, we create a custom audience that is pushed into our distribution network which includes Match & Deploy Email partners, Co-registration networks, Programmatic Display Platforms and Facebook enabling advertisers to run multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Custom audiences are built on SMART data

Take a look at our pre-built interest category audiences >>

KMA’s Proprietary SMART (Strategic Media Alignment Routing Technology) Solution delivers a unique decisioning engine that utilizes a wealth of online, offline and trigger data to optimize digital marketing efforts.
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