DataPros B2B Masterfile

 DataPros B2B Masterfile

Reach New & Established Businesses with DataPros B2B Lists

DataPros: Business to Business Masterfile

Universe: 80MM  ·  90k-125k Monthly Hotline

DataPros constantly monitors millions of American businesses. There are millions of updates and thousands of changes on a weekly basis. Changes consist of new hires, terminations, promotions, job titles etc. This list updates monthly, ensuring fresh and accurate business industry data.

What sets this file apart from others is DataPros’ extensive level of Job Titles & Functions allowing highly targeted selections. Please inquire for any Title or Function for counts!



DataPros New Business Hotline

 DataPros New Business Hotline

Reach New & Established Businesses with DataPros B2B Lists

DataPros: New Business Hotline

Universe: 12MM  ·  75k-100k Monthly Hotline

When it comes to accurate and fresh data, DataPros has it! Compiling Business data for over 18 years, DataPros sources from new domain registrations and web site verifications making it the perfect list for any mailer trying to reach new businesses before their competitors buying municipal registrations. Ideal prospects include: Merchant credit card, back office/front office, publications and insurance mailers.



The Progressive Farmer

progressive-farmerThe Progressive Farmer

The Progressive Farmer Magazine is the premier magazine for the Farmer, Business Owner and the Land and Home Owners of Rural America. These business owners and managers of farms and ranches are responsible for over $7 billion in crops and livestock.

Email your offer & creative to The Progressive Farmer Magazine Subscribers, or have your offer set & presented in The Progressive Farmer template.
Subscribers include; business owners, catalog shoppers, online buyers, pet owners, family men, donors, outdoorsmen & homeowners.




Leading the way in business process improvements

Vanguard Resource Group is a National Management firm offering training and consulting services in the areas of Human Resource best practices.

Among areas of expertise are:

  • HR Staffing
  • HR Planning
  • HR Analytics
  • Training & Development
  • Improving Hiring Success

Systematic methods for creating world-class HR services workshops include, training systems & delivery, lean management and lean delivery of HR services.

These key decision makers are excellent prospects for a variety of offers including:

  • Training & Development
  • HR Benefits
  • Seminars
  • Insurance
  • Financial
  • Business Software
  • Office Supplies
  • Business & Consumer Publications