DegreeSearch is a free directory of over 7,000 nationally and regionally accredited colleges across the U.S. from both online & traditional brick & mortar schools. helps consumers find the tools, information, and resources they need in deciding which school to attend.

1 Month Hotline: 129,298  ·  3 Month Hotline: 323,283

Average Age: 46  ·  53% Female

File can be enhanced with demographics, psychographics & lifestyle information 

FindYourDegreeNow is an online source for individuals starting or looking to continue their education in a variety of study areas at different degree levels. will match students with the right school & program for their line of study.

1 Month Hotline: 314,827  ·  3 Month Hotline: 785,322

Average Age: 25  ·  70% Female



Coupons in your inbox is an online source for coupons, offers & samples.

Members are Moms of infants to teens who make purchasing decisions for their households. They are interested in coupons for grocery, retail, dining out & more for themselves, their families & homes.

Average Age: 34

1 Month Hotline: 164,857

3 Month Hotline: 412,329



Average: 2 Children

Under 10 years old

· Household Products · Groceries · Health/Beauty · Children’s Products · Children’s Apparel · Women’s Fashion · Pet Products · Travel/Vacation · Books/Magazines ·


Direct Health

Direct Health

Postal Program

Consumers looking for health insurance fill out a detailed survey about themselves, their household, which coverage they’re looking for & are contacted by a Direct Health representative with applicable health insurance options matching their needs.

Direct Health offers quotes & information on Insurance:
Individual, Family, Discount, Short-Term, Maternity, Medicaid, Medicare,
Prescription, COBRA, Dental & Vision.

Monthly Hotline: 80k-90k

Selections Available



Email File

Caskers is THE online destination for spirits combining enthusiasts with their favorite brands, helping them discover new craft spirits and take pride in their choices. Caskers curates daily emails with only the very best selections offered to engage members and help them select their brand of choice, which is then delivered straight to their door!

500,000 Members/Buyers

Caskers helps members discover craft spirits that aren’t available at local liquor stores. Their experts work to bring members only the finest artisanal spirits, sourced from fresh, local produce, celebrating the passion and dedication of master distillers who make them by hand.

With an average income of $154,000, Caskers reaches over 2MM unique visitors, and with members between the ages of 26 to 54+, buyers from Caskers spend more than five times annually than the national average.

Now you can send your dedicated email

CMC – Consumer Marketing Connection

cmcConsumer Marketing Connection

Key Targeting Joined with Event & Trigger Data

Leading multi-channel data sources that include direct mail, internet buyers and responders, self-reported internet and direct mail surveys, direct response and government records are updated monthly and enhanced with comprehensive demographic, lifestyle and geo-demographic data.

Consumer Marketing Connection is a dynamic database product designed to deliver qualified prospects that can be targeted to a wide range of consumer markets and offers.

CMC identifies the highest quality prospects for each target marketer via a selection methodology that prioritizes source and channel data critical to the success of each offer. Key components in the selection process are trigger data that represent various life events and changes, self-reported planning and major decision-making research activities.

In addition to segments developed for specific industries such as Finance Services, Insurance and Health, CMC

The Future Of The American Consumer

future-consumerThe Future of The American Consumer is a web destination designed to introduce consumers to a wide range of consumer products/offers. This list has been enhanced with CMC, a dynamic database built from the leading multi-channel data sources that include direct mail, internet buyers and responders and self-reported internet survey respondents.

Email addresses opted-in for third party offers are available for CPM marketing campaigns along with CPL, CPC and CPA lead generation programs on most CMC segments.


Age, Income, Occupation, Presence of Children


Catalog Buyers, Magazine Subscribers, Hobbies, Pets, Donors, Do it Yourself


Newsletter Subscriber, Type of Investment, Credit Seekers, Mortgage Applicant Data


Auto, Health, Life, Home


Domestic, Foreign, Cruise, Timeshare, Casino, Family Vacation, Frequent Flier


Baseball, Basketball, Extreme Sports, Football, Golf, Hockey, NASCAR, Scuba Diving

Kid Biz



KidBiz the innovative new prospecting platform for marketers of children’s products and services

KidBiz is a comprehensive repository of family data from cradle to caps and gowns that resides in a multichannel marketing platform that allows targeting to:

  • A custom tailored audience qualified for your offer
  • Prospects at the time when they will be most responsive
  • The channel(s) utilized most frequently by each family

KidBiz allows for multi-channel and multi-touch marketing to families from pre-natal through college and everything in between. KidBiz brings together purchase behavior and transactions, communication preference, inquiry and search information, as well as all demographic and lifestyle information needed to target the right audience.

KidBiz is also a cooperative where marketers of children’s products and services can join and benefit from customer profiling, optimization, customer email append and communication, customer