CMC – Consumer Marketing Connection

cmcConsumer Marketing Connection

Key Targeting Joined with Event & Trigger Data

Leading multi-channel data sources that include direct mail, internet buyers and responders, self-reported internet and direct mail surveys, direct response and government records are updated monthly and enhanced with comprehensive demographic, lifestyle and geo-demographic data.

Consumer Marketing Connection is a dynamic database product designed to deliver qualified prospects that can be targeted to a wide range of consumer markets and offers.

CMC identifies the highest quality prospects for each target marketer via a selection methodology that prioritizes source and channel data critical to the success of each offer. Key components in the selection process are trigger data that represent various life events and changes, self-reported planning and major decision-making research activities.

In addition to segments developed for specific industries such as Finance Services, Insurance and Health, CMC




A virtual marketing datashed system that is fed from multi-category streams of data linked to a continually refreshed pool of consumer marketing data.

Data is live linked via a proprietary dynamic algorithm, not appended periodically like traditional flat files or databases

  • New sources integrated on the fly
  • Multiple core demographic sources – not limited to specific sources
  • Continuous updating methodology
  • Real time channel score and rank for vertical markers, mailers and specific offers
  • Rolling weekly, 30 day and 90 day hotlines

Channels is not a Database, it is a Marketing Platform

What’s in it?

  • Monthly MOB transactions
  • Daily and weekly feeds of internet transactions
  • Constant infusion of Trigger & Life Event data
  • DRTV generated transactions
  • Telemarketing respondents
  • Monthly multi-source catalog and subscriber files
  • Public records updates
  • Online and offline survey data
  • 3 leading consumer complied sources of base name and address and care demographics
  • 900 million records linked with one to several thousand attributes per record


Kid Biz



KidBiz the innovative new prospecting platform for marketers of children’s products and services

KidBiz is a comprehensive repository of family data from cradle to caps and gowns that resides in a multichannel marketing platform that allows targeting to:

  • A custom tailored audience qualified for your offer
  • Prospects at the time when they will be most responsive
  • The channel(s) utilized most frequently by each family

KidBiz allows for multi-channel and multi-touch marketing to families from pre-natal through college and everything in between. KidBiz brings together purchase behavior and transactions, communication preference, inquiry and search information, as well as all demographic and lifestyle information needed to target the right audience.

KidBiz is also a cooperative where marketers of children’s products and services can join and benefit from customer profiling, optimization, customer email append and communication, customer