List Management

KMA List Management


KMA’s List Management Services fully integrated approach builds profit centers and revenue streams…always protecting the brand and customer base.

KMA’s Retention Sales Managers focus on existing, continuing users and primary mailer markets, shoring up and expanding list rentals.

KMA’s Sales Executives broaden the reach into secondary and tertiary markets uncovering new mailer categories for additional revenue streams.

KMA’s Research and Marketing team work with the Sales Executives and Managers researching mailer test results and usage drop-off, initiate pre-order calls, preform/provide count request follow-up and research new mailer categories from usage and market analysis.  The R & M team also generates maximum brand and list exposure with broad based and targeted direct mail, print and e-mail marketing.

Sales & Marketing Strategies

Of all the functions a professional list manager will perform, the most important…

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