Time Inc Bookazine Ad Space

 Time Inc

Bookazine Ad Space

Time Inc. Books made available space advertising for the inside covers from their highly-read “Bookazines”, magazines distributed & sold at newsstands & supermarkets across the country.

Bookazines contain editorial across a wide number of categories, from food & health, pop culture & history, to home/garden, travel, & current events.

Time Inc. Bookazines are priced between $11.99 & $14.99, & contain stunning photography, lifestyle stories, retrospectives, discoveries from some of the world’s top travel destinations & tips for families & individuals on decorating & cooking.

Inside Cover ads are now available for the upcoming year for all of the above Time Inc. brands.

Total Annual Circulation:                   35,000,000

Average Circulation/Bookazine:               300,000

Time Inc Onserts

 Time Inc

Onserts Program

Time Inc. has made its monthly publications available for Onsert advertising.

These programs reach a select audience with interest in health & wellness, gardening, travel, home decorating & investing.
Subscribers have a passion for their lifestyle & the editorial Time Inc. provides them every month.

Annual Circulation

  • Cooking Light     1,020,000
  • Coastal Living          324,000
  • Fortune                     240,000
  • Health                        630,000
  • Southern Living       360,000
  • Sunset                         1,680,000

Your offer will ride along inside the polybag, with the magazine sent directly to the subscriber’s mailbox as well as a renewal notice

New Business Stages – Intent to Start

future-investorNew Business Stages – Intent to Start

The Intent to Start Segment represents a universe that includes both companies that have a recent business filing but have not yet opened their doors (Pre Opens) and individuals that have expressed interest in starting a new venture or purchasing a franchise (New Business or Franchise Interest) but have not yet filed.

Pre Opens are identified via a combination of self reported information, UCC data, transactional feeds and proprietary logic applied to recent business filings in proprietary algorithms that serve to identify individuals most likely to be in the preparatory stages of starting a business. Data Sources are a subset of the weekly and monthly new business data from between 12 and 15 sources including government filings, new telco connects, business registrations, UCC data & online transactions that

Customer Retention & Reactivation

retargetCustomer Retention & Reactivation Models

You have spent time, resources and money in acquiring your customers and now you need to leverage that acquisition. You have to keep them engaged, active, happy and loyal to your brand; KMA can help you do just that with our customer retention and reactivation models.

KMA’s Client Reactivation Program helps our clients reactivate your inactive customers.  Reactivating old customers is a cost-effective way to increase existing sales.  KMA will help you determine which of your inactive customers have the greatest likelihood of becoming active again.

Typically, as much as 50% of these inactive customers can become active again, at a fraction of the cost of acquiring new customers from outside list sources.

KMA’s Client Reactivation program offers clients the opportunity to analyze their customer list of inactive customers and determine the individuals most likely to become active again. We can

The Future Of The American Investor

future-investorThe Future Of The American Investor

New investors often think that cheap stocks—those with low share prices—are bargains. New investors sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that the lowest prices have the greatest potential to make them money. After all, a stock worth $1 per share only has to gain $1 to double your money, while one worth $100 per share has to gain $100 to double your money