Merge Purge & List Optimization

thin-426_database_drives_raid_db_storage_nas_backup-512Merge Purge & List Optimization

Running a merge/purge process is an extremely important data processing function of a cost-effective direct marketing campaign.  The merge/purge process combines all of the lists selected for a mailing or series of mailings and eliminates the duplicates between those lists, as well as prepare the list so that it is as clean as possible saving you valuable dollars in excess printing and postage.

KMA will identify duplicate records at an individual, household, and business level consolidating all details into a single record. We combine years of database marketing expertise with our proprietary merge/purge processes to provide cost-effective, custom merge/purge solutions for marketers with multiple files, across disparate file formats and layouts.

The KMA Merge Purge solution includes a list optimization procedure where we factor in list performance and price, so that the final output is optimized for your target response