Email Hygiene and Verification

icon-inspection-services-b2Email Hygiene and Verification

Protect Your Email Reputation With KMA SMART Cleansing!

KMA has a unique, multi-layered approach to cleaning and verifying valid email addresses.  We utilize KMA SMART’s data intelligence platform, as well as our network of data cleansing partners to identify, validate and protect against a wide range of email-based threats.

Threat classification of direct, purpose-built, spam-trap, or honeypot e-mail address(es). Defined as any e-mail messages sent to this address are immediately considered unsolicited leading to its submission to one or more DNSBL site’s.

  • Flagging of indirect mole submission environment’s. Collaborating, recipient submission-based or via automated, domain-level, anti-spam solution evidence leading to its submission to a DNSBL.
  • Seed identification of third party oversight email address known to purposely seed their email address(es) for general monitoring of company and company’s network resources used.
  • Domain classification of parked or inactive site services providing you